Earn money selling poop

Earn money selling poop

Author: girotondo Date: 23.05.2017

You Can Sell Your Poop For $13k Per Year And Help Science | IFLScience

Money definitely doesn't grow on trees, but it might be growing in your bowels. People who are infected with a bacteria called C.

Stool Donation — OpenBiome

Some people with Crohn's disease also benefit from fecal transplants. So a company called Open Biome has been facilitating fecal transplants to patients in need, and paying healthy poopers a hefty sum for their services. Fecal matter is transferred either through endoscopy or swallowed capsules, and Open Biome has already shipped about 2, treatments to almost hospitals, according to the Washington Post.

4 Weird Ways to Make Money (like selling dicks and poop)

The only thing is, you have to be super-healthy: Open Biome gives their anonymous donors names like Vladimir Pootin, Albutt Einstein, and Dumpledore, to help make the poop-handling thing go a little more earn money selling poop, according to a New Yorker piece on the poop-donation industry.

Maybe you could be the next Rumpoostiltskin.

Company paying up to $13, a year for samples of your poop | abccom

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earn money selling poop

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earn money selling poop

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